What we do

About Us

Major Goods is a mixed-model trading partner managing sales, products, customers, websites and marketplaces for manufacturers and vendors.

For over a decade we have specialized in liquidating over-stocked or end-of-run product inventories online utilizing our own warehousing and fulfillment network to realize positive returns without disrupting existing product channels or pricing.

With the economy and Internet as driving forces towards increasing Internet based retail, we have taken our experience and existing partnerships to manage new products and brands.

Our team's experience includes over 10 years of Business Development, Sales Management, Software Development, and Fulfillment.

Our goal is to build fewer, but long-lasting and strong relationships. We prefer to have an appropriate number of trading partners where we can provide the most value and consistently deliver mutually beneficial outcomes. We are very proud of our existing relationships and impeccable online reputation.

Retail Services

As a retailer we own our inventory. This means we are able to reduce the overhead associated with drop-ships and provide more consistent inventory availability and delivery times to the marketplaces and end-customer.

Almost everyone wants the least inventory on hand as possible, or “Just in Time” inventory. We believe in a more balanced approach by tailoring our projection models to fit the needs of the manufacturer or vendor and keep an appropriate amount of inventory on hand to satisfy those requirements and further reduce transactional overhead. This eliminates the chaos of expedited shipments, substantially reduces inventory shortages, and generally ensures the best product availability delivery times to the end-customer.

Vendor Dashboard

Our trading partners have access to their own Vendor Dashboard to view and monitor their brands performance in various marketplaces. This includes:

  • View inventory locations across marketplaces and fulfillment centers
  • View MAP Violators – We can assist with enforcement or notifications
  • Unit volume and projections by marketplace, product, or brand
  • Traffic and sales performance by marketplace, product, or brand
  • Services are Free to our partners


  • Take or Enhance Product Images
  • Marketplace Listing Ad Copy Creation or Improvement
  • Amazon Ads
  • Social Media Ads
  • Amazon Lightning Deals
  • Implement and Execute Bundles, Promotions, and Coupon Codes


We make extensive use of automation in our pipeline to reduce the likelyhood of human error. Humans aren't built to stay up 24 hours a day watching all your products to make sure your prices are competitive on Amazon or making sure every product has the right amount of inventory. Machines excel at looking at and keeping track of enormous amounts of data and making decisions based off it.

There will always be a human being at the end to make sense of it but automation allows us to focus on the things they aren't good at. Like bringing new products to market, marketing and communicating with customers.

  • Marketplace Repricing
  • Purchase Order & Fulfillment Restocking Using Sales Projections and Current Inventory Statuses
  • MAP Monitoring and Reporting
  • Feedback Building
  • Amazon Listing Content Monitoring

We also build custom solutions to fit almost any specific need